Eagles Performance Camp

2020 Eagles Performance Camp

Monday – Thursday
August 10th thru 13th
5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Londonderry High School Field #12
Londonderry, NH

$125.00 per player

Coaching Staff
Derek Dane, Londonderry High School Varsity Girls Coach
Corlton Simmond, Director of US Soccer Developmental Academy

Our camp is geared for players trying out for a high school or college team. This evening camp is designed to prepare you physically and mentally for your upcoming tryout.
Training will consist of fitness, technical and tactical sessions with our team of certified coaches.
Our intent is to prepare the player physically as well as mentally for their upcoming season. By training seriously at this camp your body will have a week to adapt to the physical and mental pressures that your high school/college season will demand of you. By the time you check in with your high school/college pre-season your body will already be in “soccer training” mode. Your muscles will be less sore and your endurance will be higher which will allow you to focus on playing your best and earning your spot on your respective team.

Due to Covid-19, we will have two methods for registration:

On-line registration at www.eaglesperformancecamp.com will continue however, if we have to cancel and provide refunds there is a small $5.00 Paypal fee that will not be refunded.

If you prefer, you can register on-line, then send a check payable to:

Deborah Hubert, 2 Pendleton Farms Ln, Unit 2B, Amherst NH 03031

Following are important COVID-19 Protocols.  We will require your approval upon registration day.

  1.  Anyone NOT feeling well should NOT attend training and should notify Deborah Hubert (603) 8019585.
  2. All players are required to wear a mask for these sessions.  During these non-contact practices we anticipate players will be within 6 feet space of each other.
  3. All coaches are required to wear a mask on the practice field.
  4. All parents should check their player in so we can get their temperature and clear them for practice.  (We will have a tent outside for this)
  5. All players should bring their own water bottles and no sharing.
  6. Players are going to be asked to leave their water bottles / bags in a designated area so they are spaced 6 feet apart from the next player.
  7. Players will sanitize their hands when entering and leaving the field at our sanitizing stations.
  8. Players will be placed in sub-group of 9.  Each group will be separated by 26 feet space.
  9. Players will NOT be allowed to switch groups during the Phase 2 period.  It’s highly recommended by US Soccer and CDC to keep groups together.
  10. Players are provided with breaks during the sessions to recover and rehydrate.  Maximum time for and activity without a break is 8 minutes.
  11. Groups will be dismissed at alternative times to maintain social distancing at the sanitizing stations and at the exit points of the field.
  12. No high-5’s, huddles or close contact during this phase.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Deborah Hubert, Registrar

603-801-9585 or contact@eaglesperformancecamp.com

Eagle Performance Training